Wednesday, March 2, 2011

San Sebastian, Spain

We arrived in San Sebastian hoping to spend a good five days lying on the beach and working on our much needed tans but, unfortunately, most of our time there was spent underneath an umbrella. The rain however could not cover up how beautiful the little city was. The streets were filled with high end clothing stores and restaurants serving up the best food in the country, literally. San Sebastian has more Michelin Stars than Paris (or something like that). Sadly, most everything they cook up in Spain contains some sort of meat, so us vegetarians missed out a bit on that culinary adventure.

We were lucky enough to meet up with our friend Daniel from the bay and explore the city and nightlife with him. One night we ended up dancing at a club on the beach, yes ON the beach. Amazing. We were lucky enough to have one day of sunshine which we spent laying in the sand drinking calimochos, a popular drink here made by mixing red wine and Coke. Don't judge it until you taste it!

Anyhow, we had an amazing stay despite how wet it was and I cannot not talk about San Sebastian without mentioning how amazing our hostel was there. We were fed an array of omelettes and pancakes for breakfast every morning by our wonderful hosts and even had a balcony off of our private room! We cannot wait to return!

                                          The beach was only two blocks away from our hostel!
                                                                         Our street.
                                                                 The other side of our street.

                                                                  They love this type!
                                                              Carousel by the beach!?             

That's all for now! We already have plenty to tell you about Paris and will be posting soon. Miss you all!


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