Thursday, January 20, 2011

Antoni Gaudi

It is impossible to experience Barcelona without experiencing the works, or inspired works of Antoni Gaudi. Every creation we have encountered of his thus far has blown both Dalton and I away. His buildings are unlike anything I've seen before, especially in the Unites States, where architecture seems to be built to pay tribute to the creativity and progress of the human race. Instead, Gaudi pays tribute to the creativity of all of the natural world. 

Casa Batllo

La Sagrada Familia

Parc Guell
 If you've ever seen Vicky Cristina Barcelona, this is where Cristina takes photos of the Spanish children. Naturally, we had to take some photos of ourselves there :)

Miss you all!


  1. love the one of Dalton at the end

  2. La Sagrada Familia... Can't you just stare at that thing for hours?!!?