Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Ticket to Chocolate

El Museu Xocolata! Yes. A museum of chocolate... merely blocks from our apartment. Good gravy, what a magical thing. Jessica had been eagerly awaiting the day that we'd actually wake up at an appropriate hour to go to this miraculous place...

...but then I slept in. We went anyways. It was fabulous. Only a few euros to get in and we were given our "Tiquets" which were bars of chocolate (of course) and were granted access to this magical labyrinth of sweetness.

Chocolate sculptures, chocolate history, and chocolate culture - by the time we left Jessica was absolutely dying to make some. We saw a few videos about the process of making artwork with chocolate, which I would absolutely be into if it could pay my rent. I can't imagine that I'd stay too healthy... but whatever. Worth it.

Here are some photos!

Ben Hur - made of chocolate! - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

"Las Infantes" - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

It just reminded me of Jessica... - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

Romans! - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

Don Quixote - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

UP! - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

Futbol - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

"This entire figure is carved from chocolate." - Museu Xocolata, Barcelona ES

After we charged our chocolate batteries we undertook a pretty intense walk all the way up to La Sagrada Familia. Gaudi's church was something that we'd definitely had our gazes set on throughout 2010. Now that it was finally within walking distance we knew that we'd better make the initial trek early on so we'd be comfortable returning again and again.

As I sat drawing the façade I came to the conclusion that I could sit for DAYS and get to know this building. I guess it's intriguing because it's not built like the buildings in the USA... with efficiency and structural integrity in mind. This building ebbs and flows as if it had made its way from the sea, found a spot that it liked, and is simply holding its ground in an ever-changing neighborhood......... an ever-changing country.

...then we went to a beer store. Woo! (Jessica took more photos of the church... I drew it a little bit. I'll post some drawings later.)

Here are some more photos!

(I cannot smile on command...) La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona ES

Grácia - Barcelona ES

Grácia - Barcelona ES

Casa Batlló - Barcelona ES

Casa Batlló - Barcelona ES

Casa Batlló - Barcelona ES

Beer Store!!! - Barcelona ES

And now we are sitting on the couch enjoying some FCB Futbol! Hope to hear from everyone. Thanks for checking in. Love you guys.


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  1. "This building ebbs and flows as if it had made its way from the sea, found a spot that it liked, and is simply holding its ground"

    perfect description!