Saturday, January 29, 2011

Goodbye, January

Hello, all!

This is likely the last post of what has been an incredible month. Thanks to everyone that sent birthday wishes to me. And happy birthday to everyone that was born in January! (We're pretty great.)

It was a morning filled with anticipation. Jessica would not admit to being nervous, but it was as obvious as vegan pizza is delicious. (It's vegan pizza day today, by the way! If you've never had one, do yourself a favor...) After only two hours of sleep I awoke to some breakfast being prepared by the lovely gorilla gal. On our way to our destination there were denials of nervousness and eager chit chat. Then we arrived...

She handled it like a warrior. Aside from a few silly faces she really didn't squirm very much or make any noise.

...and of course this only made me itch for a new one. Possibly in March.

Anyhow, happy weekend to all of you. Talk to you in February.


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